A Day at the Ocean

It’s amazing how something so simple, and many people may take for granted, became a memory I will forever hold dear in my heart. During our trip to Florida, our family went to Cocoa Beach. During the first week of February. Yes, only Canadians would be excited by this adventure.

People must have thought we were out of our minds, playing in the waves, collecting shells and rocks, even building sand castles using my husband’s coffee to-go cup. My son brought his baseball glove and ball so he could play catch on the beach. He made sure he brought his glove on the trip, just so he could play catch. Can you tell he’s my child? Then he even dove into the waves to go swimming. Yes, you would only find us crazy Canadians swimming in the ocean in early February.

We were only there for a few short hours, and sure it wasn’t exactly the experience I thought (i.e. warm sunny weather, baking in the sun), there was still something so special about the ocean and this family experience. I hope to return one day soon.

IMG_3739 IMG_3749 IMG_3754 IMG_3778 IMG_3812 IMG_3830


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