A few years back I started a new job. I was astonished when my new manager sat me down and challenged me to make a bucket list. The company I worked for wanted to help me achieve life happiness, not just work happiness. They were willing to help me achieve my bucket list items, and helped keep me on track to working towards those goals.  It was a great experience!  I was given a copy of The Secret to watch.  I showed up to work the following Monday with a “dream book”, the beginning of my Bucket List.

Fast forward a year.  When I had my one year review with my manager, we discovered I had completed 27 of the 30 items off my list. 2 of the items were no longer important to me and I was working on the final one. I couldn’t wait to get started on a new list!

My list has grown over the years. I’ve challenged many of my friends and co-workers to make their own list. Many had a lot of fun with the challenge.

Unfortunately, over the past few months I’ve been diagnosed with cancer and at this point its unsure if it’s curable. I am taking medication that is giving me time… time to tackle as many of my Bucket List items as possible.

I’ve started this site in hopes of inspiring people to start their Bucket List and their life to the absolute fullest they can. No one ever knows when your last day will be so live each moment to the fullest.  I challenge each and everyone one of you to take The Great Bucket List Challenge.


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