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Challenge: Create a Bucket List

BucketI believe everyone should have a Bucket List. I look at it like creating a list of goals to work towards. It’s a reminder of what is important to you and help you make decisions  that could bring you closer to these goals.

Do you know The Secret?

The idea behind The Secret is that if you put it out in the universe, if you tell the universe you want something, the universe will find a way of making this happen. Make a dream board, a bucket list, what ever you would like to call it. So here are a few reasons why I believe this works:

#1 – You acknowledge these goals. You are making decisions that you want something very specific.  I get that people in life should not focus on the destination but the journey, but if you know where you want your journey to lead you, you will make choices along your journey to help get you to your destination (ie. Your dream/goal)

#2 – Reviewing your dream board or bucket list will help remind you what your goals are.  Entrepreneurs create a business plan to help stay focused on what they want their new company to become, what their goals are and their plan on how to make it happen.  Your bucket list should do the same thing for your personal life. It’s a reminder of what you want, what your dreams and goals are. It will help you stay focused. And remember those decisions you make along your journey?  By staying focused on your dreams, it will help you make decisions that will get you to achieve your dreams. And if your dreams change, that’s fine!  You’ll start making decisions in life that will help you on your journey to get to your new destination.

#3 – Your write it out.  Seeing it in words in front of you make it seem more attainable. It’s like making a commitment; a written contract that you WANT your dreams to come true and you’re willing to commit to make it happen. Share it with close family and friends, or perhaps certain items. If people know what your dreams and goals are, they may tell you about an opportunity that they become aware of to help you achieve your dreams.  They share in your dreams, and ultimately some of your dreams and goals can also benefit those closes to you anyhow.

Some people suggest you focus on one large goal and write it out every day. Get a note book and write out your goal.  Change it as you feel necessary. Expand upon it. Just write it out. Again, it will help you stay focused and remind you of what your goal is.

#4 – Be specific. Don’t just write that you want to be rich. Or be happy. Happiness is perception and your frame of mind. What do you have to do to become rich, or happy. Do you need to change your career? Find more time to work on your hobby? What do you need to do to change your career? Take some night classes. Read certain books. Network with people in that industry by attending workshops or seminars.  These are the items to put on your bucket list.

When I started at the company I currently work for, the office manager challenged me to make a list of goals I wanted to accomplish – in 1 year and then in 5 years. I took this challenge to heart and created a bucket list. I made the list, gave it to my manager and never really gave it a second thought. Fast forward a year later and my manager asked me to review my list. I had about 30 items on the list and I was shocked to find out that I have accomplished 27 of the items!!!


Since then I continue to update my bucket list and add new things to the list. My challenge to you? Make your own Bucket List!  It will help you live your life a little more fully. Never live life with regret.