Bucket List: Diana L., Sudbury, ON CAN

My Bucket List

  1. Complete a 365 day photography challenge  – working on in 2015
  2. Go camping for a week
  3. Grow a vegetable and herb garden – completed
  4. Complete my CIP designation (Chartered Insurance Professional) – completed
  5. Go to New York City
    1. visit the Statue of Liberty
    2. visit the Museum of Natural History
    3. see a Musical
    4. eat at a fancy restaurant
    5. See Dave Mathews in concert
    6. Walk through Central Park
  6. Ride a horse
  7. Ride on a motorcycle
  8. Read 50 new books in progress
  9. Have one of my photos or recipes published in a newspaper or magazine
  10. Stay in a 5 Star hotel – completed
  11. Learn another language (Italian?)
  12. Go on a RV Trip with the family
  13. Make a lemon meringue pie from scratch – completed
  14. Make fresh pasta and/or ravioli from scratch  – completed
  15. Make 1000 perigees  – completed
  16. Have a spa day (massage, facial, manicure &/or pedicure)  – completed
  17. Learn to run 5km
  18. Do 100 push ups  – completed, but want to be able to do again!
  19. Do 100 sit ups – completed, but want to be able to do again!
  20. Go to a concert (ie Pitbull, Beyonce, Pink, Dave Mathews) – completed
  21. Go rock wall climbing – completed
  22. Go on a wine tasting tour
  23. Learn to surf
  24. Learn to sailboard
  25. Try 100 different wines – in progress
  26. Spend Christmas on the beach
  27. Go in a glass bottom boat
  28. Take a road trip to the East Coast and eat lobster – completed
  29. Drive a fast car (Corvette, Camero, Ferrari, other)
  30. Go ziplining – completed
  31. Buy a spectacular dress and get glamour photos done
  32. Visit the Jeffersonian in Washington, DC
  33. Build a wooden picnic table
  34. Go to a bloggers convention – going October 2016
  35. Take a pottery class
  36. Take cooking lessons – completed
  37. Take a cooking class abroad
  38. Take a photography course – completed
  39. Go to a photo shoot with a professional photographer
  40. Save $5,000 in cash then take a trip
  41. Make a mosaic glass table top
  42. Sew a dress for my daughter
  43. Go to a late night movie (after 10 pm)
  44. Make an awesome Halloween costume for hubby and I
  45. Ride the Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, OH – completed
  46. Make cement stepping stones with my kids’ hand prints
  47. Meet a famous actor
  48. Ride in a helicopter – completed
  49. Go to Disney World in Florida – completed
  50. Go mud bogging
  51. Make a rag rug
  52. Go to a pink sand beach and bring sand home
  53. Go to a glass beach and bring pieces home
  54. Get a new lens for my Canon T3i  – completed
  55. Watch a sun set on the beach overlooking the ocean
  56. Ride in a transport
  57. Learn to dress a wound
  58. Go dirt biking
  59. Go to Horse Shoe Valley to go biking
  60. Take dancing lessons
  61. Eat/make paella
  62. Make a haunted house in the garage
  63. Go kayaking – completed
  64. Have a campfire on the beach
  65. Eat in a celebrity restaurant
  66. Play in the ocean – completed
  67. Visit the Coliseum in Rome
  68. Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  69. Visit the Eiffel Tower
  70. Stay in a villa in Tuscany
  71. Help someone fulfill an item on their bucket list – completed
  72. Host a wine tasting party – completed
  73. Learn to drive a stick shift
  74. Attend a murder mystery dinner – completed
  75. Go snorkeling in the ocean
  76. Start a blog (working on it)
  77. Be a successful entrepreneur
  78. Pick apples from an orchard
  79. Visit the glowing beaches in Maldives, San Diego or Puerto Rico
  80. Attend a Cirque du Soleil performance – completed
  81. Go to London, England
    1. Ride the London Eye
    2. Visit Warner Bros. – Making of Harry Potter Exhibit
  82. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  83. Have a tapis dinner – completed
  84. Learn to play a song on a guitar using cords
  85. See a ballet
  86. Go jet skiing
  87. Hold a monkey
  88. Visit a movie set – completed
  89. Go to a masquerade ball
  90. Go downhill skiing
  91. Hold a Movie Under the Stars – completed
  92. Shoot a gun – completed
  93. Set a new Guinness World Record
  94. Go to Italy, Venice, Rome, Millian
  95. Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain
  96. Go to Hawaii
  97. Sleep in a hammock
  98. Take a road trip to BC
  99. Visit Redwood National Park in BC
  100. Go to Barcelona, Spain
  101. Meet a celebrity chef (hopefully Giada de Laurentiis)
  102. Pay for the order of the person behind me in line – completed
  103. Learn archery
  104. Exercise so I become stronger and increase my endurance – completed
  105. Attend the Wine & Food show at Epcot Centre
  106. Go to Disney World (Florida) at Christmas
  107. Go tubing down a river
  108. Go clam digging.
  109. Publish my cook bookcompleted
  110. Go to Las Vagas  – completed
  111. Visit the Grand Canyon – completed
  112. Go to California
    1. Visit Disney Land, Universal Studios, Lego Land, California
    2. Sit in the audience of the Ellen Show
    3. See the Walk of Fame
    4. Visit Hollywood
    5. Griffith Park Observatory (Los Angeles, California)
  113. Paint a picture with acrylic paints
  114. Visit a castle (Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany?)
  115. Stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora
  116. Own rental property
  117. Host a block party (BBQ)
  118. Eat in a French Bistro in Paris
  119. Attend a TED Conference
  120. Go a month without watching television
  121. Participate in a Scavenger Hunt
  122. Buy/build my dream house to meet my daughter’s needs
  123. Plant fruit trees at my new house
  124. Help my kids financially so they finish University debt free
  125. Be a Grandmother

How to help: If you’re from the Sudbury area and are able to help me accomplish one of my Bucket List items, I would love to hear from you. UPDATE: Proceeds from the purchase of my cook book Celebrate! will help me complete my Bucket List items. A portion of the sale price will also be donated to the Northeast Cancer Centre at Health Sciences North.


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