Movie Under the Stars

I love parties. I love everything about them, especially if I’m hosting them. Planning the decorations, making the invitations, planning and preparing the menu, decorating the day of the party and of course, enjoying the company of my friends and family that attend.

I was determined to hold a Movie Under the Stars party in my back yard. I’ve seen so many pretty photos on Pinterest of people eating under the stars and having movies in their backyard. Complete with twinkling white lights, the glow of the candles and what movie night in the back yard would be complete without a s’mores bar!  I don’t have a large back yard, and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on my big party but it was perfect regardless. I was able to borrow an overhead projector from work and my husband made the movie screen using just a white tarp and some 2×4’s. (talented, isn’t he?) It just happen to coincide with my birthday so I used that as an excuse to throw such a lavish party.

My friends and family enjoyed strawberry lemonade, s’more cupcakes and a popcorn bar. I heated coals in pots for guests to make their own s’mores. I used recycled pallets as a table and had white blankets and pillows all over the backyard for people to get comfortable with.

My teenage son was so impressed by the set up he asked me to keep it up for another week so he could have a date night in the back yard with his girlfriend. Smart kid. 😉

IMG_4632 IMG_4635 IMG_4638 IMG_4614 IMG_4617 IMG_4619


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