Photography Lessons 101

I have to admit photography has always been a passion of mine. Yup, I’m the one that walks around with a camera in hand at practically every event trying to discreetly snap photos of everyone. As my scrapbooks and photo albums can attest to, I take ALOT of photos. About five years ago my dearest husband bought me the Canon T3i for an anniversary gift. I cried. I’ve never cried over a gift before, but this was something I had wanted so badly and fully recognize how spoiled I was to receive it. Over the years, I’ve been spoiled by a new lens each year, or a camera bag, etc. SPOILED!!! What can I say, my husband loves me.  I will admit, we’ve been frugal with some purchases, never buying full price and scored some major deals on Kijiji. As much as I love my equipment, it’s really expensive and I’m really cheap. I always have to feel like I’m getting a deal.

I’ve read a great deal on the Internet and even tried to make my way through a photography book….zzzzzz….. nothing made sense. Fast forward to January 2015. I was given the amazing opportunity to take a photography course taught by Dave Rollins from Rollins Photography. So the geek in me is coming out, but it was AMAZING. If someone could inspire me to love photography even more, it was Dave. It was like a light switch coming on, it all makes sense now! He was willing to answer the millions of questions I had too. (I’m sure my class mates hated me by the end and couldn’t wait for the session to be over. Sorry!)

I’ve been out in the snow to try out some of the knowledge shared at these training sessions, but let’s be honest, I’m more of a summer time girl. But use this knowledge I will. Lighting. Composition. Leading lines and framing. Rule of thirds. I’m sure I’m going to drive my family (even more) nuts with all the pictures I take. But I have to practice on someone, right?? If there are any other willing models out there, give me a holler.

Here are a few of my favourite photos I’ve taken in the past that I apparently did a pretty good job on. (pat on back)

This was by far one of my favourite bucket list items I’ve completed recently and the best part is, my skills learned from this course will help me better capture all the amazing memories I create tackling my other bucket list items. Thanks Dave!!


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