Rock Wall Climbing

Most of the pictures I’ve seen of people rock wall climbing make it look glamorous and certainly not as hard as it actually is. Not sure what I was actually expecting but I sure have a lot more respect for the people who do it regularly. There are some tiny rocks you need to use to leverage yourself up the wall. That is assuming you don’t have a fear of heights and stop looking down (very well aware of the fact someone has you at the bottom and you won’t actually fall). All in all, I can certainly appreciate that addictive nature of rock wall climbing too!

I’ve got some great friends that were just as eager to challenge themselves and climb up that wall with me. Some of the ladies were naturals and scaled straight to the top of the wall. Some of us (ME!) were vertically challenged and just couldn’t reach that next rock to make it to the top. I am happy to say I did make it to the top of the wall (in the children’s section) which was 15 feet high.

I sustained a few minor flesh wounds and was in dreadful need of a manicure after my adventure. Luckily, I was able to still move the next day with little muscle discomfort. All this after a week worth of treatment.

Here are some pictures of the ladies who concurred the walls at ARC, the local fitness centre that offers rock wall climbing.


What’s on your bucket list? I’m off to tackle more of the items on my Bucket List.


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