Trip to Disney World, Florida

I had been promising my son since he was 3 years old that one day I would bring him to see Mickey Mouse. It look a while, but we finally made it to see Mickey. It was definitely a trip of a life time and one of my favourite memories.

I can totally appreciate why people from Northern Ontario escape the cold and head somewhere warm. We were very lucky to get 86 degree F (30 C) while we were there.  I’m told this was much warmer then what they usually get at the end of January. Luck us!

My daughter loved Magic Kingdom. We hugged Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy, had dinner with the Princesses and rode every roller coaster ride in the parks. The entire experience was incredible.

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My favourite was Epcot. There were some awesome technology rides the boys loved riding, we had pizza in Italy and found Nemo swimming with his friends. We did not have nearly enough time to explore everything and if I ever get a chance to go back (which I pray I will one day), I’ll be spending 2 days exploring the streets of Epcot and sampling many of the delicious meals.

We also took the time to visit Animal Kingdom where we went on a fantastic Animal Safari. We saw giraffes and hippos and lions and tigers, oh my… so many animals.  My daughter danced in the streets to tribal music and feasted on fresh fruits and vegetables in the market and rode the Yeti ride which was my daughter’s favourite ride.

Not to be missed was the fun times at Hollywood Studios. We watched The Muppets put on their show, rode the Tower of Terror (which was totally cool!), watched Jedi padawans train after we escaped with R2-D2 and 3CPO in a space shuttle and walked the streets that looked like they were straight from the movies.

One of my most favourite memories was our time spent in Downtown Disney. The food was fantastic and bands played at every street corner. And if you were in the mood to shop, this was the place to be. Again, we did not spend nearly enough time here. Our favourite moment came when our daughter started dancing with the band. There were tears in our eyes we were so proud of how well she followed the other dancer, especially considering she had been walking for the previous 12 hours.

We didn’t just go to Disney World while we were in Florida but ventured out to visit Universal Studios. We spent hours exploring the Harry Potter world. The attention to detail was incredible, including the Butter Beer that was for sale in the streets. (and the ride was one of my favourites) The 4D rides at Universal were some of the best including the Minion ride, Transformers, The Mummy and the Amazing Spiderman. They totally took your senses for a spin. My husband even went to Springfield for a Krusty Burger.

Other incredible experiences included our time spent at the beach. Even though the water was freezing cold, we had just left behind snow so felt we could brave the icy cold waters. The hours passed quickly building sand castles with our paper coffee cups, tossing a baseball around, and collecting shells and pretty rocks to bring home as treasures.

Not to be forgotten was our visit to NASA or the NHL game the boys attended. This will definitely go down as one of the best family trips ever, but we’re always willing to try top it.

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